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6 07, 2022

Professional Trademark Search Services for Attorneys


Professional Trademark Search Services created by a team with over 20 years experience In the complex world of intellectual property, a comprehensive trademark search is a vital step in securing your brand's identity. However, this process can be time-consuming and intricate, especially for busy attorneys and law firms. This is where Creative Trademark comes in, [...]

Professional Trademark Search Services for Attorneys2023-07-06T16:21:07-04:00
17 03, 2021

How to read a trademark search report in plain English and some basic info on trademarks


Do you want to know how to read a trademark search? We have a great FREE report that we are making available to our website visitors called "How to read a trademark research report in plain English" This report will explain how to read and understand a comprehensive full trademark search and it also has some great [...]

How to read a trademark search report in plain English and some basic info on trademarks2023-05-25T13:49:06-04:00
2 02, 2021

USPTO Basic Information on Trademarks: What you should know


Do you need Basic Information on Trademarks? When you are looking for basic information on trademarks there is no better place to get it than from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They are the main government resource for basic trademark information in the United States, for those of you who are new to [...]

USPTO Basic Information on Trademarks: What you should know2023-07-20T13:51:49-04:00
10 11, 2020

Naming Your New Business, Product or Service


So, you are naming your new business, eh? After considerable time and effort, not to mention the expense, you or your client has developed a new product, product line, or established a new service. It is your pride and joy. You believe that with just the right name, the product/service (hereinafter “product”) will take off [...]

Naming Your New Business, Product or Service2022-10-07T16:24:47-04:00
10 04, 2020

SCOTUS: Likelihood of confusion relevant in infringement cases


Likelihood of confusion in infringement cases will never be the same! A mark holder whose mark is found to cause a likelihood of confusion at the TTAB level, can also now have that determination applied against them in an infringement case, where they would be liable for damages and attorney’s fees, and could face an [...]

SCOTUS: Likelihood of confusion relevant in infringement cases2022-10-07T16:24:23-04:00
17 03, 2020

Sample trademark search report


Have you wondered what a sample full trademark search looks like? A quality Full Comprehensive Trademark Search will be broken down into: Federal State Common Law Federal, State and various Common Law sections in alphabetical order. This should include all: Registered Pending Abandoned Canceled Expired It's important to make sure the report form provides not only [...]

Sample trademark search report2023-08-29T17:08:57-04:00
10 02, 2019

How to protect your trademark. Can you lose your Trademark?


If you have one, you may wonder how to protect your trademark! When talking about the advertising, marketing and sales of a business’s goods or services, business and legal texts will generally talk about brands or trademarks; or, if they do address both, they deal with them as completely separate topics. As a student of [...]

How to protect your trademark. Can you lose your Trademark?2022-10-07T16:25:15-04:00
3 03, 2018

Trademark Class List


Trademark Class list, or better known as the USPTO International Schedule of Classes for Goods & Services When navigating the vast ocean of trademarks in the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), you need a roadmap. This guide introduces you to that roadmap: the trademark class list. By understanding and using these classifications, your search becomes [...]

Trademark Class List2023-08-14T19:12:11-04:00
10 02, 2013

Our Staff Writes a Trademark Book


  The Creative Trademark Staff has written a do-it-yourself trademark book! After researching thousands of names for attorneys since 1997, the staff at Creative Trademark Services pulls back the curtain from the trademark industry and gives you the information you've always wondered about. You can use this trademark book to do everything from some basic due diligence, filing [...]

Our Staff Writes a Trademark Book2016-12-12T13:28:00-05:00