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Free trademark search information

We have a great FREE report that we are making available to our website visitors called “How to read a trademark research report in plain English

This report will explain how to read and understand a comprehensive full trademark search and it also has some great basic information on Trademarks as well.

Here is a small sample of the great basic trademark search information in the report.

Whether you are starting a new business, or have been conducting business for years, every time you advertise your name, receive word of mouth advertising or use your name in the course of doing business, you are investing in that name.

If you are reading this and have NOT already purchased a search, remember: Before you spend time and money investing in your business, you should make absolutely sure that your name is not already owned by someone else and that it is available for your use. Protecting that name may very well be the most important business decision you ever make.

Having a name search conducted will not only help you decide if your name is available, but will let you look at any conflicting names that may already exist. Attorney’s all over the Country know that Creative Trademark / www.TrademarkSearch.Legal brings you the highest quality searches for the lowest possible prices and you can purchase that very same research yourself here today.

Why do you even want to get a trademark search to read?

To find out:

  • If someone else is already using this name and it doesn’t belong to you.
  • If someone else IS using this name, or a similar one, but they are doing
    something completely different then you are.
  • What are my chances of someone else suing me if I use this name?
  • If your name can be Registered as a US Trademark/Service Mark with the United
    States Patent & Trademark Office or “USPTO” If you so choose.

This is a process of assessing your risk because, believe it or not, Trademark law says that an owner of a trademark or Service Mark is whoever uses it first in commerceNotice it doesn’t say ANYTHING about the owner being someone who “registered” the mark.

This is important so let me repeat this.

The true owner of a trademark or Service Mark is NOT necessarily the person who registers and receives a trademark/Service Mark registration from the government. That would be far too simple!

What’s commonly thought of as a “trademark” is actually, “Trademark Registration” which is just the government registering that you have laid claim to the name. This doesn’t mean someone can’t sue you, actually, anyone, can sue anyone, for anything, in this great Country of ours, and you need to remember that as we go on.

Sometimes even though you may think a name looks fine, you may be making a mistake registering it because it has a high chance of bringing on a lawsuit.

For example, if you call your new brand of auto, a “McCar”, you can bet you’ll be hearing from your friends at McDonalds. 

I know this sounds a little crazy, but it’s true and it brings up a HUGE can of worms. Since there is no list or database or final say on who owns a name, there is also no 100% way to ever know for sure if you own the name you are using. No lawyer can make this claim, no agency…

To read the entire report, click here to download our free PDF report now!

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Free trademark search information