Trademark Search FAQ’s

Trademark Search FAQ’s2023-07-18T14:35:26-04:00
What is your turnaround time?2016-03-07T06:41:05-05:00

Our turnaround time is 2-5 business days, with the vast majority of our searches taking 3-4. Our turnaround time is dependent upon our backlog.

If you require your search sooner, we may be able to accommodate you with a 24 hour rush service which has an additional charge of $100. Please call our offices at 201-825-1060 to confirm availability. If we have the production time available, we will add the additional fee to your credit card after your order is placed.

What is the end product you provide to me?2016-04-21T19:56:13-04:00

You can download a PDF copy of our Sample Search Here.

You will receive a full trademark search report. It will be broken down into Federal, State and various Common Law sections in alphabetical order. This will include all currently registered, pending, abandoned, canceled and expired trademarks and service marks, both identical and similar to your proposed mark.

We will also conduct various wild card searches, where we not only search your exact name, but variations of the mark. All marks that we find similar to your proposed mark are investigated so we can supply you with full details on those marks: owner of mark, status, goods/services, registration number, date of registration and contact address. We will also provide you with a summary letter, explaining the basic results that were found. For more information visit our Services Page

All reports are sent via email in PDF or Word Document format. Results can be mailed for an extra charge.

How can you charge so much less and still do top quality work?2016-12-12T13:28:01-05:00

The industry leader, Thomson Reuters® is a great company that has been around for a very long time. They do excellent work and have the best data in the industry. That’s why we purchase all of our Federal and State data from them.

Like any large publically traded company which has been around for a long time, they have many old world costs; brick and mortar operations, various levels of management and a need to make a hefty profit to keep their shareholders happy.

Creative Trademark was among the very first trademark research firms on the Internet. We started back in 1997 and like many internet businesses we are a disruptive technology that revolutionized an industry. Back in 1996 attorneys had two choices; buy a search from Thomson Reuters®—which priced themselves like the only game in town, that they were—or do it themselves.

We are a privately held, distributed company with a flat organizational structure. We have streamlined the process of doing a trademark search and we can do the work for less while still making a fair profit. Think of us as a wholesale trademark research company.

Please see the many testimonials we have displayed on every page of our site. We are proud to say that they include some of the top IP firms in the country. We use the same Federal and State data, we have amazing customer service and best of all, every one of our search strategies is created by someone with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We don’t even think Thomson Reuters® can make that claim.

Wait… there is ONE big difference… we don’t send you your search in a nice little plastic report cover. Otherwise we don’t see any difference, other than that we charge you hundreds of dollars less.

Did you change your website? Are you the same company? What’s different?2016-12-12T13:28:01-05:00

Yes we are all the same people you’ve worked with for the past 20 years and yes we did change our website! Thanks for noticing.

We’re very excited to bring you our new and improved website. The new site allows you to add as many searches as you’d like to your cart and all customers can now create an account so you can keep all your credit card and billing information on file. You can also keep multiple cards on file, if you use different cards for different accounts. If you feel more comfortable with paypal we now accept that as well.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your credit card information will be saved automatically by our PCI compliant Level 1 CC Processing partner, NO credit card information is ever kept on our servers at any time.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our new website, we’d love to hear from you!

What are your credentials?2016-12-12T13:28:01-05:00

Creative Trademark Services has been searching trademarks for over 20 years and officially started our business on the internet in 1997. Both our office manager and trademark manager have over 20 years of experience in the field and personally create our search strategy for every single one of our searches.

Our principal owner, is the author of the popular book How To Trademark – Protect the name of your business, product or slogan.

Please note the various testimonials we proudly display on every page of our website. We think there is no better way for us to tell you about our company than to let our customers tell you in their own words.

Where do you acquire your data?2016-03-02T21:06:23-05:00

Creative Trademark Services utilizes the highest quality data available as demanded by our customers. Attorneys will only accept Federal & State results searched via Thomson Reuters® subscription services; we are proud to say that every single search we have conducted since 1997, has been completed using Thomson data.

Do you have any free trademark search information that can help me?2016-03-17T23:06:24-04:00

We have a great FREE report that we are making available to our website visitors called “How to read a trademark research report in plain English

This report will explain how to read and understand a comprehensive full trademark search and it also has some great basic information on Trademarks as well.

To read the entire report, click here to download our free PDF report now!

And if you really want to find out more about everything “Trademark” our principal owner, is the author of the popular book How To Trademark – Protect the name of your business, product or slogan.

I need a logo, design or trademark image search?2017-08-15T13:50:51-04:00

When we do a Full Comprehensive or Federal search  we can provide you with all the images that have been filed for records we retrieve in the Federal database. We are NOT searching via your image in this case. We are only providing you with any images that may be filed with whatever records we find during a normal text search. This additional service can be added on to your order when you checkout.

Do you check all classes when conducting a search, or just the class of my proposed mark?2016-03-02T20:59:54-05:00

We conduct our searches in all classes and categories, not just the class of your proposed mark. We do request a description of how you plan to use your mark, but that is only to allow us to do a better job in creating a concise report. You will ALWAYS get all of the results, for any exact match or close match.

Do you only check for exact matches, or do you also check variations?2016-03-02T21:00:39-05:00

We research not only your exact mark, but we investigate variations, similarities, truncations, homonyms, spelling differences, and language translations of your proposed mark, as they may all cause a potential conflict with your mark.

When conducting a state search, do you research all states or just the state in which I am doing business?2016-03-02T21:02:37-05:00

Our searches are conducted in all 50 US states and Puerto Rico, not just the location state of your proposed mark.