The Creative Trademark Staff has written a do-it-yourself trademark book!

Our Trademark BookAfter researching thousands of names for attorneys since 1997, the staff at Creative Trademark Services pulls back the curtain from the trademark industry and gives you the information you’ve always wondered about.

You can use this trademark book to do everything from some basic due diligence, filing registration forms, reading search reports from a research company and more.

In this book we teach you the industry standard 3-step system for protecting your name. It’s the exact same process that an attorney uses to protect you.

1. Research The name
2. Decide if you can use the name
3. Register the name

Our trademark book is really an entire course on how to do-it-yourself

Course Intro
Here we give you an overview of how you can use the course and a basic introduction to trademarks and service marks

Module 1 – The Trademark Search
We teach you about professional trademark searches and what to look for in a company if you decide to hire one. Then we teach you everything you need to know about HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF! We tell you what goes into a professional search and give you an extensive tutorial on searching the various free databases available. We cover strategies, principles, subsets and syllables, sound alikes and synonyms, translations, multi-word and free form searches. We even explain the very confusing method of searching images and much more.

Module 2 – How to Read A Trademark Search
This module gets into the heart of the process and reviews why you need to read a trademark report/research and why you might want to use an attorney to do this and how to hire one. We then teach you HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, by telling you what you are looking for when you read a report and the different formats you might run into. We explain why a trademark application might be rejected, the realities of searching, applying name conflict criteria and the differences between federal, state and common law results and much more.

Module 3 – Trademark Registration
The third module in the three step process shows you exactly what is involved in registering a trademark. We go over the benefits of Federal registration and how to hire a professional if you wish. We then give you a step by step guide of how to APPLY FOR TRADEMARK REGISTRATION YOURSELF! We take you through the entire process, explaining everything from filing basis, to how to figure out classes and create descriptions. You’ll learn about trademark types that will not be approved, the realities of registration and what you can afford, how to prepare your graphics, what happens after your register and much more.

Sample Search – We provide a sample search done by a professional search company, so you can see exactly what goes into one.

Schedule of Classes – A listing of the various classes available for registration with the USP