Why should I do a Trademark Search? Let’s dive in.

A trademark search is vital when trademarking a brand or logo. It helps determine if the desired trademark is available. It also identifies potential conflicts with existing trademarks. This search can prevent expensive legal disputes later.

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trademark searchWhy search?

  1. Avoid infringing on trademarks: Using a similar trademark could lead to legal trouble. A search ensures your trademark doesn’t clash with others.
  2. Protect your brand: A search safeguards your brand from others using it. If you’re investing heavily in your brand, this is crucial.
  3. Strengthen legal standing: Proving your trademark’s uniqueness strengthens your legal position against potential infringement claims.
  4. Emulate attorney practices: Comprehensive trademark searches are a lawyer’s first step. Visit our services page now!

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is great for trademark searches. They maintain an online trademark database.

However, the USPTO database only shows registered trademarks. Unregistered ones may be missing.

Apart from the USPTO, consider broader searches. For example, search state trademark registries and common law trademark use. Creative Trademark Services has expertise in this since 1997.

Such thorough searches reveal potential trademark conflicts or issues.

In summary, trademark searches are essential. They protect your brand, reinforce your legal ground, and fend off future legal issues.

Lastly, Creative Trademark offers affordable searches. In contrast, providers like Thomson Reuters® are pricier and often non-transparent about their fees.

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