Is there such a thing as a wholesale trademark search? YES THERE IS!!

As an attorney, lawyer or other IP professional tasked with researching trade names, you understand the importance of conducting thorough trademark searches for your clients. It’s a time-consuming task that requires expertise and attention to detail. However, did you know there is a company that has been providing high-quality wholesale trademark searching to the trade, at a fraction of the cost since 1997?

wholesale trademark search

Enter Creative Trademark Services, a trusted partner for attorneys and lawyers in need of comprehensive trademark research. With over 25 years of experience, Creative Trademark has become a go-to resource for legal professionals seeking a wholesale trademark search.

Simplifying Trademark Research: Creative Trademark Services goal is to simplify the process for attorneys and lawyers, ensuring they can focus on their clients’ needs while leaving the research to the experts. With Creative Trademark, all you need to do is fill out an online form and hit send. Their streamlined approach allows you to save time and effort, knowing that your trademark search is in capable hands. Or you can start here and then make sure to do state/common law/internet/domain name etc etc

Comprehensive Reports for Informed Decisions: Once you’ve submitted your request, Creative Trademark Services swings into action. Their team of experienced trademark managers, each boasting at least 20 years of industry knowledge, oversee every single search. This level of expertise ensures that you receive a comprehensive report that covers all the necessary aspects. Whether you prefer a word document or a PDF format, Creative Trademark provides the output in a manner that suits your needs.

Adding Value with Personal Touch: Creative Trademark understands that each attorney or lawyer has their unique requirements. That’s why their services go beyond a mere search report. With the document in hand, you have the freedom to add your value-added information, such as an opinion page or other relevant insights. This personalized touch enables you to present a complete package to your clients, showcasing your expertise while leveraging Creative Trademark’s research.

Perfect Fit for Solo Practitioners: While Creative Trademark works with numerous larger firms, they also cater to the needs of solo practitioners. If you’re a small law firm or a solo attorney who doesn’t perform trademark searches on a daily basis, Creative Trademark is the ideal solution for you. Their services bridge the gap between the demand for high-quality trademark research and the limited resources of individual practitioners. Moreover, Creative Trademark’s commitment to customer service ensures that they are readily available to answer any questions and go the extra mile to meet your expectations.

When it comes to trademark searches, attorneys, lawyers & other business professionals need a reliable partner they can trust. Creative Trademark Services has been that secret weapon for legal professionals for over 25 years. With a wholesale trademark search, attorneys can offload the time-consuming task of research to a dedicated team of experts. Creative Trademark simplifies the process, provides comprehensive reports, and allows you to add your personal touch. Whether you’re a large firm or a solo practitioner, Creative Trademark is here to support you, ensuring that you can serve your clients with confidence and efficiency.

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Why would some of the largest trademark lawyers in the country work with a company like Creative Trademark Services for well over 10 years, instead of the big boys at *Thomson Reuters®?

Because they know that they can depend on Creative Trademark Services to provide the highest quality trademark research services at a price far below our competent competition.

Outsourcing your trademark searches to our firm saves our clients thousands of dollars each year! It gives you an immediate staff with over 20 years experience at your fingertips. This means that your search will be crafted and reviewed by someone with 20+ years of experience researching trademarks.

Our prices are a fraction of what a competent company like *Thomson Reuters® charge! However, we use the exact same federal and state data as they do via their subscription services. Think of us as a wholesale trademark search company for your firm!

We pride ourselves on our customer service; we’re always going the extra mile for our clients. Do you need a favor late on a Friday night? Wish to discuss trademark search strategy or just need help filling out the order form? WE ARE THERE!

Also some of our clients are small legal firms that do not specialize in intellectual property. They therefore depend on our patient and friendly staff to help navigate the intricacies of the search process. Big or small, we are there to answer all of your questions, from basic to advanced. The larger companies just can’t match our personalized service.

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