The industry leader, Thomson Reuters® is a great company that has been around for a very long time. They do excellent work and have the best data in the industry. That’s why we purchase all of our Federal and State data from them.

Like any large publically traded company which has been around for a long time, they have many old world costs; brick and mortar operations, various levels of management and a need to make a hefty profit to keep their shareholders happy.

Creative Trademark was among the very first trademark research firms on the Internet. We started back in 1997 and like many internet businesses we are a disruptive technology that revolutionized an industry. Back in 1996 attorneys had two choices; buy a search from Thomson Reuters®—which priced themselves like the only game in town, that they were—or do it themselves.

We are a privately held, distributed company with a flat organizational structure. We have streamlined the process of doing a trademark search and we can do the work for less while still making a fair profit. Think of us as a wholesale trademark research company.

Please see the many testimonials we have displayed on every page of our site. We are proud to say that they include some of the top IP firms in the country. We use the same Federal and State data, we have amazing customer service and best of all, every one of our search strategies is created by someone with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We don’t even think Thomson Reuters® can make that claim.

Wait… there is ONE big difference… we don’t send you your search in a nice little plastic report cover. Otherwise we don’t see any difference, other than that we charge you hundreds of dollars less.