Our Trademark Design Search is the best value in the business.

Trademark Design SearchWe started searching trademarks 20 years ago and it wasn’t until now that we felt we could offer an image search product because we weren’t happy with the value and quality available.

We’ve created a combination of the latest image recognition advancements along with the older design code searching that we think is the perfect balance.

This has brought your cost down to $395 instead of the $1,000+ price tag you’ve come to expect.

We are able to bring you what we consider a BETTER product for a BETTER price!

A Trademark design search —aka Trademark image search or Trademark logo search— has been very expensive in the past. You had to use confusing design codes and search with the text of those codes. This was a process that had a lot of human error associated with it. If the image was not coded correctly or coded with a bad description for what you searched for, you never saw that important record. Because of this, traditional trademark design searches are extremely labor intensive.

As most companies in our business, Thomson Reuters® is our data partner. They have no choice but to charge as much as $1,400.00 for a trademark design search done in this way and this doesn’t even cover all classes!

Our Trademark Design Search uses a very advanced image recognition software program. This technology is fantastic but unfortunately we are not able to just push a button and give you the results. Creative Trademark has over 20 years of experience searching trademark names and we use all of our expertise to do a proper trademark design search.

We search your image in many different ways. We’ll use various text and design codes to assist the image recognition software. Even with this advanced technology we tend to wind up with thousands of results to review to find relevant matches. It’s very important to be careful during the filtering process so we don’t miss critical data.

Our new Trademark design search can be a great new revenue source for our attorney clients.

Up til now attorneys often shied away from suggesting a Trademark Design Search to their small to medium clients because of it’s cost. Especially in cases where the design did not have to stand on it’s own, but rather was just a design of the company name; figuring that at worst the client would only have to change the look of their design if infringement was ultimately found.

Now, with prices under $400 you can confidently suggest your client does their due diligence and then register both their name AND their design.

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