Why do hundreds of attorneys and business owners use our trademark search services again and again?

Why would some of the largest trademark lawyers in the country work with a  company like Creative Trademark Services for well over 10 years, instead of the big boys at *Thomson Reuters®?

Trademark Search AttorneyBecause they know that they can depend on Creative Trademark Services to provide the highest quality trademark research services at a price far below our competent competition.

Outsourcing your trademark searches to our firm saves our clients thousands of dollars each year and more importantly gives them an immediate staff with over 15 years experience at their fingertips. Our trademark managers personally create each search strategy and review every one of our searches. This means that your search will be crafted and reviewed by someone who has been researching trademarks for 20 years.

Our prices are a fraction of what a competent company like *Thomson Reuters® charge, yet we use the exact same federal and state data as they do via their subscription services. Think of us as a wholesale trademark search company for your firm!

Attorneys also know that we pride ourselves on our customer service; we’re always going the extra mile for our clients. When you need that favor late on a Friday or wish to discuss trademark search strategy or just need help filling out the order form, WE ARE THERE!

Some of our clients are small legal firms that do not specialize in intellectual property and depend on our patient and friendly staff. Big or small, we are there to answer all of your questions, from basic to advanced. The larger companies just can’t match our personalized service.

Please do order a search today or contact us so we can answer all of your questions. Email info@CreativeTrademark.com or call 201.825.1060. We’ll be glad to give you a free consultation and explain how we can help your company.

*  Thomson Reuters is a trademark of the Thomson Reuters Corporation and is not affiliated with us in any way.